Woman Spends Zero Euro To Look Nothing Like Kim Kardashian


VIRAL stories are a dime a dozen these days with very few of them ever really grabbing the internet’s attention. However, every once in awhile a story is so bizarre, so out there and so crazy, it is destined to capture the interest of the world and WWN can report on one such story today.

The story of 26-year-old Kayla Andrews first appeared in the Daily Mail this morning prompting wild speculation and fascination among its readership, but this is a case of must be seen to be believed.

There isn’t a person on the planet who isn’t aware of Kim Kardashian at this point, and fans of Kim K were shocked to learn about Kayla and the lengths she hasn’t gone to in order to look nothing like the body-confident icon, champion of women and appetite suppressing lollipops.

“It’s crazy, I think she’s got to be seriously unhinged,” remarked one Kim fan after seeing a side-by-side photo comparison of Kayla and Kim.

The Daily Mail article goes on to detail the beauty products and dangerous and extreme plastic surgery Kayla didn’t undergo in her bid to look nothing like Kim’s uncanny twin.

“Kayla sparked criticism from some online, and genuine concern from others when they first learned the 26-year-old hadn’t got Brazilian bum lift surgery, used botox, had liposuction or gotten a boob job,” reads an extract from the article.

“Possibly the most disturbing aspect of Kayla’s shocking non-transformation is that she didn’t legally changed her name from Andrews to Kandrews, which begs the question if her mental health and self-esteem is perhaps too stable?” the Mail article reasonably speculated.