HSE 10 Year Challenge Pictures Exactly The Same


IRELAND’S national health system the HSE stated it was absolutely flattered after its 10 year challenge pictures were almost identical to 2009, WWN can confirm.

The Health Service Executive posted two images late yesterday evening depicting crowded hallways and hospital trolleys littered full of annoyed, sick patients waiting to be seen by struggling nurses and doctors.

“Oh my God, you haven’t changed a bit,” one commentator noted, pointing to the underfunded, badly managed 14 billion euro mess that both Fianna Fáil and Fianna Gael were responsible for allowing over the 10 year period.

“How can 10 years pass and nothing change despite the 10 year old picture being taken during a global recession?” another person stated, referring to the continued lack of funding for psychiatric care, “even the fucking wages are the same!”.

Welcoming the kind comments, Health Minister Simon Harris thanked the general public for their input.

“I just hope we’ll still look exactly the same in another 10 years,” he jested, unaware of his blatant ignorance.