“I’m A Real Boy,” Confirms Tubridy


AHEAD of this year’s Late Late Toy Show extravaganza host Ryan Tubridy spoke exclusively to RTÉ, because that’s who he is directly employed by and from a marketing and branding perspective it makes no sense whatsoever to give a rival broadcaster or publication the exclusive, obviously.

However, WWN put its ears to the window of the RTÉ offices and could strain occasionally and make out what was being said.

“I’m a real boy,” Tubridy, in typically animated form, insisted when talking ahead of the most hotly anticipated TV event of the year.

And why shouldn’t he be enthusiastic? This is Tubs 10th year on hosting duties, and it’s all the more special because it represents the 10th anniversary of him being turned from a wooden toy of a boy on the Toy Show into a fully fledged and very real human boy.

“It’s going to great fun for everyone,” added the host, a whole world away from the wooden toy which sat lifeless on Toy Show set during Pat Kenny’s tenure as a stream of excitable children played with toy after toy, discovering the unmistakable joy of the Toy Show and the Christmas season.

“Who knows where I’d be if it wasn’t for that Toy Show fairy sprinkling me with some angel dust, the PG-13 kind of angel dust of course,” mused Tubridy, but it’s clear that in that case he would still have been a non-sentient, unanimated toy carved by a lonely Italian craftsman all so he could have some company.

Tubridy then began applying varnish to himself in a bid to protect his skin.

“Sorry, force of habit”.

Speaking in the run up to the Toy Show, the craftsman spoke warmly of the wooden toy turned boy.

“I’m glad he can bring the happiness to so many people now,” Geppetto said, tears forming in his eyes.