Local Man Suddenly An Expert On US Midterm Elections


A WATERFORD man who has previously displayed no prior knowledge of US midterm elections, their significance in American politics or what its mean to ‘win’ or ‘lose’ the House, has transformed himself overnight into the leading authority on the elections and their results, WWN understands.

Donnacha Healy has taken to social media and face-to-face conversations with friends to explain at length how the recent results will spell the end of President Donald Trump while vaguely quoting things he has read in the last 48 hours and acting like he alone came up these observations, insights and predictions.

“Did you see how mental he was in the press conference, make no mistake, the 2018 Blue Wave is more significant then Obama’s setback during his first midterms, trust me,” confirmed the 29-year-old engineer who had previously given people no reason to think they should trust him on the finer details of American political discourse.

“He’s lost it, the plot and the House of Representatives. I can’t stress enough to you all, how important this is. It’s over, Trump is gone, mark my words,” Healy explained to a small group of friends gathered for a pint which they were now regretting agreeing to.

Healy’s animated nature, gesticulating hands and passion for repeating information he had only learned in the last few hours has seen the Lismore native elect himself to the position of Chief Midterm Expert.

“He’s acting like we’re in an episode of the fucking West Wing but we’re not, we’re in the same shitty pub in Waterford in which Donnacha told us Hillary would win back in 2016,” explained Danny Byrne, Healy’s long suffering friend.

Healy’s credentials as an expert on US politics were finally revoked when he claimed President Trump’s decision to revoke CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s White House press credentials for asking questions, citing a doctored video, would impact the president negatively in anyway.