Peter Casey Offered Leadership Of Down KKK


THE NEWLY opened Down chapter of the KKK has made an offer to recent loser of the Irish presidential election Peter Casey to take a leadership role in their organisation, rivaling a similar offer made by the Renua party.

Having been roundly rejected by Fianna Fáil after Casey put himself forward for a job no one had advertised, the businessman formerly based in the US is thought to be looking into other options post-election, prompting the Down KKK to pitch what they believe to be a match-up made in Heaven.

“He tells like it is. He says things that a lot of people are thinking but are afraid to say,” confirmed one hooded Down KKK member, fresh from committing a hate crime and making a disturbing appearance outside a Muslim prayer centre in Newtownards.

Casey, the fresh voice in politics the island of Ireland has long been in search of has yet to respond to the Down KKK’s offer, however it is thought before the day is out Casey will declare himself interested in the Manchester United manager’s job, taking over from Simon Cowell on the X Factor and suggesting he could do a better job than Tim Cook as head of Apple.

“Everybody is afraid to say it, political correctness gone mad and I’m glad there’s someone finally standing up for the ordinary man,” added the KKK member, who said Casey need not worry about getting fitted for a white robe and hood as they’re one size fits all bed sheets from the anonymous man’s mother’s hot press.