4 Years Of Life Spent Waiting On Shop Assistant To Press ‘Okay’ On Card Machine


A SHOCKING new report has estimated that the average consumer spends up to 4 years of their life waiting for shop assistants to press ‘okay’ on credit and debit card machines, WWN can confirm.

The brief moment where the merchant forgets to press okay key accounts for up to 5% of the average human lifetime, sparking calls for till operators to “snap the fuck out of it and just press the button already”.

“It may only feel like a couple of seconds, but when it’s all added up it is quite significant,” the report stated. “Many people don’t even notice the fact that the shop assistant has forgotten to press okay, so many people may be unaware that their time, and life, is being unnecessarily wasted by distracted operators”.

Furthermore, the new wireless card tapping system has also come under fire for similarly wasting time.

“It is estimated that between 2 to 3 years are wasted for people who don’t have a tap option on their card, due to them being asked the question ‘can I tap?’ by shop assistants,” the report explained. “and if the assistant also then forgets to press the okay key, this can waste as much as 7 years of someone’s life, which is not ideal”.