Friends Ready To Rip Into Local Woman’s Boyfriend The Minute She Dumps Him


A QUARTET of Waterford women are ‘counting the days’ until their pal Sinead comes to her senses and dumps her current boyfriend, so they can unleash the 8 months of stored-up hatred they have for him in one unmerciful bitching session.

Sinead Haslan has been dating Eoghan Martin, known locally as ‘a pure cunt’, since February of this year, to the disgust of her pals who all think he’s at best a wanker and at worst ‘a total fucking wanker’.

With cracks beginning to show in the relationship, group spokeswoman Deirdre Whelan spoke exclusively to WWN about the shit-show that will go down the weekend after Sinead wises up and dumps Eoghan.

“We’re not going to lie, we’ve had these punches cocked for months,” said Deirdre, just itching to take her pal out and get her locked.

“All of us hated that prick the minute we met him, and he’s just gotten worst since then. It’ll be the standard ‘you’re better than him’ crying session to begin with, purely for show, then it’ll be into town in all our finery for cocktails and making a show of ourselves, big kebabs, rip into Eoghan come more, then ride the next thing that comes along”.

The plan also includes an intensive 6 months of after-care, to make sure Sinead doesn’t go back to Eoghan for the ride when she’s lonesome of a Saturday night.