Irish Man Will Learn How To Cook Once Mother Stops Making All His Meals For Him


A LOCAL MAN has confirmed he has every intention of channeling his inner Gordan Ramsey once his mother ceases her long standing practice of making all of his meals for him.

“Look, I’m going to learn to cook but in order to do that Mam will have to stop making everything for me,” explained 22-year-old Jason Harrily, who’s mother’s cooking output rivals a Michelson star restaurant with a seating capacity of 440 people; if that restaurant only served porridge, coleslaw sandwiches and bacon and cabbage.

Going on record for the first time to explain that his mother Mairead’s well meaning habit of constantly serving him up breakfast, lunch and dinner is the only obstacle standing between him and culinary greatness, Jason admitted to just wanting to make a spice bag for himself every now and again.

“My dream is a simple dream. A humble dream,” Jason shared.

Despite moving out last year the young Dubliner receives daily unsolicited packages of cooked meals from his mother.

“I haven’t the heart to tell Mam I could probably make straight forward and simple stuff myself but I’d be afraid she’d come over here and disconnect the gas cooker in an act of anger”.

Jason is believed to be just one of thousands of Irish men who’s foray into cooking is hindered solely by the fact their mother won’t let them cook for themselves, and has nothing at all to do with being a tad lazy.