Girlfriend ‘Harmonises’ To Song You’re Listening To


DESPITE no professional background in the music industry, or having no definable reason as to why she would just chime in like that, your girlfriend has rudely started ‘harmonising’ to a song you were enjoying, WWN can confirm.

The track, which was up until now one of your favourites in the charts, was somehow dismantled midway by a series of harmonic tones emanating from your girlfriend’s throat, while she closed her eyes in the midst of self-induced euphoria.

“Maybe she’ll get the hint if I turn up the volume,” you mistakenly tell yourself, finding out your girlfriend just raises her own volume to match the decimals of your car stereo, “ah fuck, now it’s even worse than before, Jesus Christ, give it a fucking rest, Laura, will ya?”

Beating you to your own little hum along, which has by now been parked aside until the next time you’re on your own, Miss Ariana Grande over there continued her acapella cover version before moving on to an annoying key change thing which isn’t even in the song.

“There’s no fucking key change thing in it, you cracked bitch,” you shout at the top of your inner voice, before turning to her with a smile in the hopes she cannot read your mind.

“You wouldn’t reach into the glovebox there for the chewing gums, love,” you ask, now distracting her while you turn off the fucking radio.