Cadbury Unveil New Derry Milk Bar


IN a bid to combine potential customers’ love of chocolate and the county of Derry, chocolate confectionery behemoth Cadbury have announced the launch of a Derry Milk variety of bar.

The announcement been met with delight by Derry natives and chocolate lovers in equal measure, with such enthusiasm for the new addition ensuring the demand for the bar will be significant.

There has been some confusion however as Cadbury have refused to clarify a number of elements relating to the Derry Milk bar.

“So is the chocolate made from milk from cows in Derry, like as in it’s just a play on words, or is it made from the milk of Derry people?” read one comment on Facebook below the announcement, which went unanswered by Cadbury.

Rumours have since begun to circulate suggesting there is something amiss due to the sight of new mothers queueing outside a Derry based Cadbury production facility offering up their breast milk.

“Hang on, is it called Derry Milk ‘cus it’s made in Derry or ‘cus it’s made from actual people from Derry,” queried another member of the public, possibly excited by the prospect of the world’s first human based chocolate bar.

Cadbury have gone on record to deny that someone from their marketing team just blurted out ‘Derry Milk’ one day in a meeting and they haven’t thought it through beyond that first idea.