Another New Archaeological Discovery Found In Boyne Valley


AN AMATUER drone operator has discovered yet another fascinating outline of an ancient Irish settlement in county Meath this week, brought to the surface due to the unusually high temperatures that the country has been experiencing.

The find, one of several recent discoveries in the area, is believed to be an ancient fertility chamber used by tribes of the era procreate during the long cold Winter months.

“The main enclosure consists of two round inner chambers leading into a very long shaft,” archaeologist and professor Tom Richards explains, “at the end of which is a tiny slit, or opening that appears to align with the winter solstice around the 21st of December.

“We believe the sun shines right down the shaft and into the two main circular enclosures on the morning of the solstice where dozens of couples would mate to the glint of the glowing winter sun bouncing off their arses.

“Electromagnetic readings have also shown a vast expulsion of energy at the tip of the shaft with evenly spaced spurts of energy emanating from the chamber’s slit”.

As with most archaeological finds, an excavation needs to takes place in order to confirm Prof. Richards’s findings, however, geophysical survey images have depicted what appear to be hundreds of bone sex toys scattered around the length of the two main enclosures.

“They must have had a right old time in there,” the Professor added, “and of course, any children conceived at that time of year would have been born in the height of summer, so they would have a better chance of survival – it’s kind of clever, and sexy when you think about it”.