Man Losing Online Argument Claims Victory Over Spelling Mistake


AFTER being taken completely and utterly to school in an online thread about the patriarchy by a well-read, articulate and witty female commentator, local man Sean Caherlan has claimed a moral victory after spotting that his opponent mistakenly spelled the word ‘lose’ as ‘loose’.

Caherlan had waded into a comments section under an article about women’s rights, the ‘#MeToo’ movement, and male privilege, after forgoing his right to pass by something he disagrees with on the internet without commenting on it.

However, his comment about how women are all ‘jumping on the bandwagon and doing witch hunts on people’ was quickly shut down by a poster using the name Dr. Karen Meldon, prompting Caherlan to use his male knowledge of the subject to launch into a knee-jerk put-down of this woman claiming to be a doctor who was commenting on an article about women’s rights written by a woman in the women’s section of an online news outlet.

“She thought she had me beaten, but then she had a typo in her last post so I win, ha ha” laughed Caherlan, wondering if the grammatically correct term is ‘stupid little cunt’ or ‘little stupid cunt’.

“She started rambling on about the history of feminism and the generations of patriarchal blah blah blah, whatever… look love, if you don’t like the internet, you know where the exit is. Come back when you can spell properly”.

Caherlan can be found at his personal Twitter page, where his bio states that he loves ‘life, mi dogs n mi footbal at d weeknds’.