First Evidence Of Pigs Flying Found In London


THE WORLD has become enraptured by the stunning sight of what is believed to be the first pig in existence to ever achieve flight independent of mechanical means, WWN can reveal.

Crowds gathered in London as news spread that a magnificently ignorant beast has taken to the skies, and somehow discovering a way to become airborne.

‘When pigs fly’, long just a popular idiom used in the English language, no longer requires the preface of such things being entirely unlikely now that evidence of a pig flying has been shared around the world on social media.

“I guess that is this particular phrase consigned to the scrap heap. But there is a worry that people, who used the phrase as a way of promising to do something ‘when pigs fly’ will now have to follow through on their promises,” aeronautical swine expert Franklin Heddingly explained to WWN.

“For example I believe the British prime minister said she, along with many other international leaders, would stand up to Donald Trump and his odious ways once pig flew. I’d say she’s shitting herself now that she might actually have to grow a backbone,” added Heddingly, who was looking skyward, marveling at the bulbous pig flapping away in the sky.

Most Londoners are delighting in the sight and busily sharing pictures of the inaugural flight conducted by a pig, however, it is not all good news.

“The toxic emissions flying from the arsehole of this particular pig will probably cause lasting damage,” confirmed one environment expert.