Girlfriend Was Fine Until You Mentioned It


CONFLICTING reports emanating from your girlfriend has found she was actually in great form earlier, but is now somehow upset after you questioned her mood, WWN can confirm.

Despite showing all the signs of someone being slightly on edge, the love of your life insisted everything was going great until you mentioned it, thanks.

“Oh my God! Why would you even ask if I’m okay?” she posed in a rhetorical kind of way, we think, “you always do this, you always start it off,” now referencing an ‘it’ you have no knowledge of.

Desperately trying to make amends, you mistakenly ask her if she is maybe suffering from premenstrual tension, you stupid prick.

“You just don’t understand me,” she insisted, now pointing out again what a great mood she was in earlier, despite having that face she makes when she’s not in a great mood, “Jesus fucking Christ, stop looking at me like that; like I’m mad or something”.

Now trying your best to not look in any way concerned, worried, unhappy, happy or sad you try saying sorry, only to make things worse.

“Oh, so you did do it on purpose!” your girlfriend went on, now content it was all your fault, whatever it was, “you men are all the fucking same, pigs the lot of ye,” before finally crying into her hands.

UPDATE: Your girlfriend says sorry for shouting at you earlier and will remember next month that it’s all just a natural part of her hormonal cycle, before quickly forgetting again.