“How Could There Be A Housing Crisis When I Have A House?”


IN our latest entry of the WWN Voices series, we give a platform to people we really shouldn’t. This week is the turn of Brian Crummond, who owns a house so therefore there isn’t a housing issue at all.

Myself and the missus had a fairly handy time of sorting our first gaff there last year, so when you let that sink in I think there’s only one conclusion any reasonable person could reach on this whole ‘housing crisis’ thing: dole scroungers are ruining the country and my tax is going on buying them gold plated toilets, and they’re only pretending to be desperate. And if you’re someone earning 80,000 grand a year and you still can’t get a house, maybe earn more money and stop moaning.

People will point to today’s news which proves that for the last 7 years the government has been incorrectly measuring the number of new homes being built in Ireland, overstating the figures by as many as 30,000 units, but if I can counter that for a second with the fact that I bought a house (and it wasn’t cheap I can tell you) and you don’t hear me moaning.

So If I can buy a house… everyone else can. And if people don’t have a house, it’s all their own fault, this is basic stuff guys, but then I suppose none of you even got as far as the Leaving Cert so it might take a while for the penny to drop.

Incorrectly counting the number of houses being built in a country for 7 long years, doesn’t, as moaners say, then make it impossible to form a cohesive and effective housing strategy. That’s obviously incorrect, case in point – I have a 3-bed in Kildare now so c’mon, let’s stop blaming the government for everything. Leo and the lads are good guys, I follow them on Instagram for Christ’s sake.

If you had been counting the figures incorrectly for 7 years, even after experts in housing and construction had pointed this out again and again, do you really think it would be fair to then start calling for people to be fired?

We’ve a lovely kitchen now, has one of them islands in the middle of it, so you can hardly say there’s a housing issue. A friend, who I made up for the purposes of having an anecdote that proves my point, told me recently there’s actually loads of houses there for people who want them, but picky people like those that are in the lower tax bracket secretly just love moaning. That’s a fairly amazing fact when you read it back.

So in conclusion, no matter what the new updated data which is correctly collected yes, the last people you should blame are the people in charge who knew they were doing it incorrectly for 7 long years, no, you should blame your stupid selves for not plonking €450,000 on a house that first went on offer at €380,000 like I did.