Liverpool Fan Rewatches Istanbul Final To Prepare For Real Madrid


LIVERPOOL FAN Richie Hughes has come out of his final warm up ahead of Saturday’s Champions League final without any injury scares following a successful rewatching of his team’s last Champions League triumph in Istanbul in 2005.

Careful not to lose his voice, Hughes only gave the rewatching 70% of his maximum screaming-mindlessly-at-the-television abilities, but is confident his preparation has him in peak supporting condition.

“Can’t wait now, and even though it’s emotional watching the Istanbul final back for a 12th time this week, I’ve been holding back the tears. The last thing you want if Mo, Jurgen and the boys win is to have completely dried out your tear ducts,” Hughes explained, highlighting a fear many reds fans have.

With just two days until the final against Real Madrid takes place, Liverpool fans are running out of time to overanalyse every tidbit of news relating the to build up and twisting it into a positive omen.

“Mo is fasting for Ramadan, Mo is fast as fuck. Coincidence? I don’t think so,” Hughes imparted, ahead of taking the day off work tomorrow to fully concentrate of getting incredibly nervous ahead of the final.

“Okay, maybe one more replay of Istanbul, but just from the second half onwards,” Hughes said to himself in his sitting room at home which has a door marked with a ‘Do Not Enter. Richie’s important Champions League preparations taking place’ sign.