We’re Just Wondering If You’d Want To Fight This Out In The Comments Again?


TAKING INSPIRATION from rival news publications, we’re just wondering if you’d be interested in the 72nd article we’ve published on a recent Belfast trial since its conclusion?

Like rival media outlets with impeachable journalistic integrity, we’ve noted how these stories have garnered upwards of 50% more clicks than the average news story we cover, so in the interest of maximising this thing for our own gain under the guise of ‘in public interest’ we thought we’d publish another tidbit relating to this highly emotive and divisive news item.

(Oh look, an ad, that’s more money for us. Thanks.)

We’re just wondering if you’d want to fight this one out in the comments again? Obviously the comment sections on site are closed for legal reasons, but we know full well the link to this article can appear in social media newsfeeds and really get a conversation going, colliding one irate internet user into another, driving yet more traffic to our site. Are you seething with anger yet? Good, or should we say, that was not our intention at all.

But as previously stated this is in the public interest and we can’t be accused of causing further upset to the victim at the centre of all this, even if experts care to state otherwise. Are there wider issues this news item has shone on a light on? Yes. Will we devote time to those issues instead? No, not when we can reel you in so easily with 123 more articles on this thing.

If you haven’t been notified of the latest development in a trial that has concluded by the other 147 publications making hay while the controversial sun shines, we want you to know we’ll be here to make a calculated editorial decision to manipulate a reaction out of you, no matter which side of the debate you fall on.

We may use the stats from these articles and showcase them to advertisers to let them know that when breaking news is broken, we’re number one for reader interaction but that’s nothing to get cynical about, we’re providing you with news, crafted in such a way that we’re banking on being able to exploit this situation for some time to come.

Check back over the next few days for a few more somber looking headlines that are just thinly veiled attempts to get some extra clicks.