Denis O’Brien Surprisingly Quiet On The Whole INM Breach Thing


DESPITE previous extreme endeavours to get to the bottom of data breaches, media mogul Denis O’Brien has somehow restrained himself from acting on the news of yet another data breach, this time at a media company that he owns a 30% stake in.

The usually vocal and quick acting businessman has so far managed to put his previous sensitivities and paranoia aside, with not a peep or so much as a mention of what is now being called the biggest data breach of its kind in modern day Ireland.

“We’re kind of worried about him,” a source close to INM told WWN today, “usually himself and his solicitors, Meaghers, would be straight on the case to find out who it was that breached the data, but Denis has been unusually quiet about the whole thing. We just hope he’s okay and look forward to hearing from him real soon”.

In previous instances involving PR company Red Flag, Mr. O’Brien did everything in his power through the High Court to expose an alleged conspiracy against him involving an unknown entity.

“I’d say he’s just sick of it now at this stage and has just given up on all these data breaches that keep happening to the poor guy,” insisted another source. “He’s quite sensitive you know, so this silence is very out of character for him”.

Independent News & Media has since written to people who may have had their data searched in an alleged major data breach at the media publisher, confirming that IT back-up tapes containing emails and other digital files was provided to a third party service provider on the instruction of the company’s former chairman Leslie Buckley.