Where Are They Now? The Anglo Golden Circle


CAN you believe it has been this many years since the collapse of the Irish banking system, a dire time in our country’s history that plunged a generation into a bleak period of recession, poverty, emigration and death? And as for the people at the heart of the downfall, the head honchos of the ill-fated Anglo Irish Bank, the bank that helped to cripple the Irish economy and swing the doors wide open for the ECB to seize control of the country’s sovereignty… whatever became of those scamps that made up the Anglo ‘Golden Circle’? Well:

That one old guy 

We all remember who was to blame for the downfall of our economy, it was that one old guy. You know the one. He wasn’t on the news when the banking crisis was in full swing, nor did he show up much in the press afterwards, but there was an article or two about him which suggested that he had more or less gotten away with burdening every man, woman and child with decades of debt… what’s this his name was? Ah, it’ll come to us.

The other fella

And the other lad, what was he called? You’d hear his name now and then, usually on social media or in the comment section of the Journal, people would be saying ‘we should lock him up’, ‘he’s destroyed millions of lives but he still waltzed off scot free with a huge pension’, ‘how is this fucking legal’, all that kind of thing… anyways, we’re sure he’s really repentant now, wherever he is.

What’s his name, your man

Didn’t he have a tribunal into his dealings? We’re sure at least one of these lads is in jail, at least one, surely.

The lad on the tape laughing about how fucked the country was

Again, details are scarce, but we’re thinking electric chair? He was literally on tape talking about how they could defraud the whole country and get the taxpayer to cover their wrong-doings. Actual, solid evidence of fraud like. Surely we executed him, right?