Idiot Whale Dies After Eating 30kg Of Rubbish


A WHALE described by marine experts as being a “complete and utter idiot” was found washed up in Spain with 29kg of plastic debris in its stomach, WWN can confirm.

The young male sperm whale is believed to have died from ‘gastric shock’ following an autopsy which found debris, including nets, plastic bags and a Jerry can in the 10 metre-long stomach of the mammal. It is understood inflammation of the inner walls of the abdomen and the whale’s poor IQ were the causes of its death.

“We found nearly thirty kilos of plastic inside the whale,” expert Carlos Rosario, the director-general for the environment in Murcia’s government explained. “What kind of idiot eats that much plastic rubbish and expects to survive?

Mr Rosario recalled a similar incident last week where a tortoise was caught wearing a plastic beer can holder around its neck like a necklace.

“I think it’s dumber these animals are getting,” he explained, before showing some of the rubbish ingested by the whale, “everyone knows plastic bags are dangerous and should never be eaten due to the risks of poisoning or suffocation. Whales are meant to eat plankton and small fish, so it only has itself to blame.

In 2016, a pod of 13 sperm whales also washed up with plastic rubbish inside them, renewing calls to educate marine life about the dangers of eating synthetic material made from polymers such as polyethylene, PVC and nylon.

“I suppose this is natural selection, and nothing for us smart humans to worry about,” Rosario concluded.