“We Never Wash The Lemons Or Limes” – Barman Whistleblower


IN A groundbreaking revelation which is set to bring down the whole entire industry, a barman whistleblower has revealed the majority of bars never wash the fruit they cut into wedges for alcoholic drinks and sodas.

“I’ve worked in over 15 different bars since 1998 and not one of them ever washed their lemons of limes,” 37-year-old Daniel Casey told WWN, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job in The Eagles Eye tavern in Waterford city, “it’s a trade secret that every bar person knows. Most of the lemons are kept in a dusty box in the keg room, and are just cut as is without ever being washed.

Lemon and limes are routinely used to garnish a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, with lemon wedges inserted into glasses of coke as standard.

“You’ll never see a barman ordering a drink with fruit, cause we all know the craic,” Casey added, reminding this reporter again, never to reveal his name to anyone as his boss John Tobin is a right wanker and would probably fire him on the spot if he knew he was talking to the newspapers and basically ruining confidence in the industry forever,”everyone’s in on it man, and I just couldn’t go on knowing this without blowing the whistle; fuck knows where those lemons have been”.

The barman also revealed that most glass washing machines are filthy cesspits, with publicans being too mean to invest in glass cleaning liquid, and mainly just use hot water to clean their glasses.

“Just make sure you don’t tell anyone who I am, okay?” Casey finished, before walking home to 11 Beechdale Crescent, Johns Park, Waterford.