Netflix Reveals Top 5 Customers They’ve Binge Watched This Year


STREAMING GIANT Netflix have revealed for the first time this year, the top 5 users they can’t get enough of, with 5 highly bingeable customers from around the world topping the list.

With a top 5 list of customers from every country, Netflix are raving about these 5 Irish users, they happily binge through listening devices and cameras which all agreements to terms and conditions have been given permission to have access to.

Emma Dreelin, Dublin

“Always good for commenting on every show she watches. We delighted in her screaming at the later episodes in Breaking Bad as she lost her shit as Walter White too slowly lost her shit” – Netflix CEO Reed Hastings shared. clearly enthralled by every twist and turn.

James Donnelly, Cork

“This guy’s piss poor attempts at copying the accents in Peaky Blinders has us in stitches, he’s appointment viewing. We never want to miss an episode of him watching an episode” – Hastings.

Elaine and Ian O’Connor

“This married couple’s appetite for documentaries is only eclipsed by our desire to watch them do it. Sometimes we have to make do with watching them on their iPad when they watch documentaries in their bedroom but they’re always compelling” – Hastings.

Davey Brennan

“If you had told us we would watch 12 seasons worth of Davey watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, we’d have called you mad. But his note perfect version of ‘Dayman’ had us skipping forward through the credits with him every time” – Hastings.