Dublin Skiers Call For Own Traffic Lane


DUBLIN SKIERS have called on Dublin City Council to introduce a specially designated traffic lane for commuters skiing to work.

The proposal comes just a day after the arrival of a snow storm known as ‘the beast from the East’, which has left most of the country incapacitated, except for skiers who seemingly relish this kind of weather.

“It’s a disgrace that we have to travel on the same lanes as cars and cyclists,” one skier with a GoPro on his head told this reporter, before insisting that I look at some footage of an earlier incident, like I cared. “This morning I caught a truck cutting me off on the Quay, he was literally 3 feet away from me and I had to actually stop skiing for 5 seconds, making me 30 minutes late for work”.

The Skier Alliance of Ireland has called for a safe distance rule to also be introduced, much like cyclists, which could see fines and penalty points being placed on road tax paying motorists.

“It’s only fair I suppose,” one Dublin City taxi driver retorted, “might as well give a lane for people riding horses as well. Fuck it, why not just level the whole city and turn it into one big fucking road”.