Police Respond To Reports Of Massacre At Porto Stadium


REPORTS coming into WWN from the Portuguese city of Porto details a harrowing event which saw police racing to the scene of an alleged massacre late last night, the likes of which have rarely been seen before.

“Make it stop, make it stop. No more. Oh God, the shots. The shots!” confirmed an eye witness to the carnage José Sá, who remained in a trance like state as he spoke with WWN reporters.

Clearly scarred by the experience, Sá helplessly threw his hands in the air occasionally as if to bat away imaginary shots fizzing by his head.

“We’ve eye witnesses stating that at least 11 men dressed in orange escaped the scene after obliterating everyone in their path. Be warned these men have also been known to wear red as well, so could be dressed differently this weekend and could repeat something similar,” shared one Portuguese police official in a public address seeking information in the massacre.

Some of the massacre’s most horrific moments were caught on camera, although the images, which see the attackers toy with the defenceless victims, are too graphic to show here.

Fallout from the massacre is far reaching and has even warranted an official warning from the Portuguese government.

“We would advise any Porto citizens, fans, players considering a holiday to Liverpool, where the attackers are believed to be based, should reconsider for the sake of their own safety. There is no reason to think these men will not repeat last night’s massacre,” Portugal’s minister for foreign affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, urged in a public address.