Dad Secretly Proud Of Infant Son’s Horrific Shits


NEW father Liam Weston has opened up to WWN about his secret admiration for the sheer horror of his infant son’s dirty nappies, stating that they bring tears to his eyes ‘in more ways than one’.

Weston and his wife Charlotte welcomed their new arrival Jack into their lives 6 weeks ago, and the Waterford couple have proudly admitted to being utterly smitten with their first-born child.

But while Charlotte has stated that what she loves most about her little boy is the soft touch of his skin or the way he smells when he’s just had a bath, dad Liam has confidentially told us that he feels most proud of his son when he changes a nappy that is somehow even more horrifically smelly than the last one.

“Charlotte keeps putting pictures up on Facebook of Jack looking adorable… I’m over here sending Whatsapps to the lads of dumps that I’d be proud of myself,” beamed the Dad of one, showing us pictures of massive poops on his phone.

“Look at that one, can you imagine all that came out of one little boy? And let me tell you, a picture does not do justice to the smell of this thing. We had to open every window in the house. Jack looks a lot more like Charlottes family than mine, so I did feel a bit left out in the early weeks… but once I saw the loads this kid was dropping, that’s when I knew he took after me. No mistake”.

Liam offered WWN some first-hand experience if we were willing to wait around as Jack ‘brewed one up’, but we politely declined.