Big Important Man In Restaurant Treating Staff Like Shit


A VERY big and important man currently being served in a local Waterford cafe has gone out of his way to treat all staff he encounters with contempt and disdain, WWN can reveal.

Mr. Big Important Business Man, who is presumably a CEO of a Fortune 500 company the envy of Wall Street with profits in the billions, arrived into Gino’s Italian Cafe in Waterford City at lunchtime today and wasted no time in treating everyone like a piece of shit.

“Eh, a menu wouldn’t go a miss, yeah?” the man, who must be important because he was wearing a suit while also talking on his mobile, barked at several staff members as he sat down in a booth despite a clear sign which said ‘please wait here to be seated’.

“No, no, just in some shitty little Italian getting lunch,” explained the next Richard Branson to another, presumably very important person on the other end of his phone call.

“Here, c’mere,” the man said as he clicked his fingers at a server some 10 feet away, “this table needs a clean, yeah.”

Staff at Gino’s exchanged a number of glances with one another, silently acknowledging their contempt for the man’s rude behaviour, however, it is believed the staff have completely failed to understand how busy and important the important and busy business man is.

“This is a disgrace, what sort of place are you running at all? Get the manager there love, it’s a fucking joke,” the big important man said after waiting an astonishing 8 minutes for a dish he ordered that wasn’t on the menu.

More as we get it.