Study Reveals 70% Of Young Lads Now Claiming To Be Personal Trainers


A STUDY carried by the Institute of Studies has revealed that the majority of today’s men between the ages of 12 and 29 describe themselves as ‘personal trainers’.

Young lads who list ‘PT’ in their Instagram bios are said to be among the 70% of young lads operating in Ireland and elsewhere, that now regularly seek out people to train, personally.

“50% discount on PT session, one day offer only,” remarked one local young lad we tried to converse with, however, he chose to keep repeating the phrase “I’m a PT” instead of answering further questions.

According to the study published today, the average person is never more than 5 feet away from a young lad describing himself as a personal trainer.

“FTLPSCFTZQRT accredited,” confirmed another young lad when we asked if he was a personal trainer, “reps, reps, reps, HIIT, HIIT, HIIT,” he added as we fled for safety.

Head of the study Dr. Ciara Rafferty said the results were worrying but not unexpected.

“Once you have watched a two minute video of a deadlift, you are legally allowed describe yourself as a personal trainer,” explained Dr. Rafferty.

Other entry level requirements for a young lad looking to become a personal trainer is having read one self help book to completion or having ‘Believe. Achieve.’ tattooed somewhere on their body.

“This seems harmless enough but the rate at which young lads are becoming PTs, we will have no one left in the population to do other key jobs any functioning economy needs such as nurses, teachers, accountants, engineers and full-time Conor McGregor impersonators,” concluded Dr. Rafferty, firing off a warning shot to the public.