How To Assemble A Flat-Pack IKEA Coffin Joke


DESPITE the easy availability of other people’s derivative humour online, many people are still struggling to come up with a flat-pack based coffin joke in the aftermath of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad’s death.

The distressing occurrence has affected as many as 14 people, who remain the only people on the planet yet to remark that the businessman will likely be buried in a flat-pack coffin that requires assembly, the construction of which could result in an angry disagreement between couples and the absence of several key screws.

WWN is on hand to help those who have been unable to assemble their own jokes, despite clear instructions:

Copy and paste a tweet from that Twitter account you follow

No need to reword or add your own stamp, if they called the coffin a ‘Kofn’, great, but if not, there’s no need to worry.

If in the company of friends scream the punchline first in a panic to get it out before anyone else does and fuck up the delivery, such is your hurry

“Rat pack coffee”, “Flab crab coffee”, “Fat pack coffin” are just some of the ways you can really fail to land the punchline you excitedly shout out upon hearing the news of a man passing away. Remember, in order to assemble the joke so it can stand on its own two feet, you will first need to actually build up to the punchline.

Give out about how you came up with the joke first and all the other 5.73 million people who simultaneously tweeted it have stolen it from you

You’re a comedic genius whose wit has no known parallel or peer. It is disgusting to think someone stole the meme you stole and is now passing it off as their own handy work. Hey, that was your idea first.

Change all your social media accounts to reflect your new profession

You are no longer an accountant, you are now a professional stand up comedian.

Read an online list about how everyone made the same joke

The circle is complete.