LOL! The 5 Funniest Shane MacGowan Tweets From Last Night


POGUES frontman Shane MacGowan was celebrated at a stunning tribute concert in the National Concert Hall to mark his 60th birthday, and his contribution to the music industry, while banter merchants totally owned Twitter with some top-notch LOLs throughout the night.

From Nick Cave To Johnny Depp, celebrities turned out to cheer on the ailing rocker, and from Johnny1997 to LukakuSucksBalls, Twitter users worked hard to deliver the kind of witty, Oscar Wilde-esque repartee that the social media platform has become famous for. Here’s our top five jokes from last night:

Lols all round here, with the astute observation that Shane wasn’t looking his best last night.

Amazing banter here! Again, Shane MacGowan – not all that healthy looking. You might not have picked up on that, if we didn’t have the stunning amount of people like ‘Ass’ to point it out.

Remind us again how Twitter is still free? This stuff is gold!

Not only are all these jokes amazing, they also gave us the perfect opportunity to write a top 5 tweets list, which we could then sell ad space on. Not that we were hurting for ideas – we still have 37 Dancing With the Stars listicles to copy and paste. BANTS.

Amazing. We see a bright future in RTE for all these comedians in the next 12 months.