Clontarf Wall Gentle Reminder To Public Ireland Filled With Idiot Politicians Too


TAKING a brief break from chuckling at the idiotic behaviour of the political elite in leading Western democracies, the Irish public was given a gentle reminder of the sort of rage-inducing stupidity exerted by its own elected officials in the form a decision to reduce the size of a flood wall in Clontarf.

“So it will cost €500,000 to reduce it? But there’s warnings not to do it and that in the future it will almost certainly have to be rebuilt?” said a disappointed member of the public, who was really getting a kick out of elected idiots in Britain of late.

“Yeah, right, fuck, I guess I can’t make fun of the shit shows elsewhere if this is our standard of political decision making. Jesus, I can’t enjoy anything these days without someone ruining it.”

The sobering reminder that the country is awash with self-serving officials in political positions who have next to no desire or ability to make intelligent decisions is said to have ruined the fun of slagging off Americans and Britons.

“You have a climate change denier like Trump building a flood wall in Clare, that’s hilarious. But then we go and tear down a flood wall because a few residents have given out to councillors… like, I can’t even feel smug about how stupid the Yanks are,” a despondent Irish voter lamented.

Already embarrassed members of the Irish public were told not to further expose themselves to Irish political news today as a story on how the Healy Raes think you can drive like a Formula One driver after 12 pints is believed to be imminent.