Man Proud Of Himself For Seeing Coworker As Person First, Sex Object Second


A LOCAL Dublin man is beaming with pride after realising he asked a female coworker questions pertinent to the business they both work in before letting his mind drift to thoughts of just what he would do with her given half the chance.

Neil O’Dowding (27) was so preoccupied with an upcoming presentation to clients that it completely slipped his mind to view his coworker Lauren Bevan (26) as anything other than a human being.

“The window in which I was just talking to her like she was a person was brief enough, but I was still majorly impressed with myself,” O’Dowding explained to WWN.

O’Dowding soon snapped out of his rare ascension to self awareness and proceeded to inject his conversation with subtle flirtations.

“Someone’s been squatting in the gym, those trousers are clinging on for dear life round the arse,” O’Dowding told Bevan in a purely joking fashion that couldn’t be taken up the wrong way by anyone with a decent sense of humour.

Not sure what to do with the rush of pride resulting from his interaction, O’Dowding began to break out in a broad smile shortly after returning to his desk. However, he began to feel disappointed his treatment of Bevan as a person was something he wouldn’t be congratulated on.