North Korean Proposal To Open Winter Games With Nuclear Explosion Rejected


A PROPOSAL by North Korea to detonate a forty kiloton Nuclear bomb to celebrate the opening of the Winter Games has been rejected by neighbours South Korea, WWN has learned.

Officials for supreme leader Kim Jong-un travelled to Seoul on Monday for their first high-level talks in more than two years, ending with an agreement to allow athletes from the hermit kingdom to participate in the event.

However, a proposal to ‘light up the sky’ with a nuclear blast was deemed ‘unnecessary’ by Winter Games organisers, instead insisting on a normal, but substantial fireworks display for the opening ceremony.

“We appreciate the sentiment, but feel that detonating an atomic bomb like that may not be in good taste, considering the world’s current climate,” Chun Hae-sung, South Korean Vice Unification Minister, said after the morning talks, “obviously we have to think of the effects of such a blast on the environment too, but it’s a nice gesture all the same, and I’m sure Kim meant well”.

Despite a promise by North Korea to keep the blast radius on their side of the border, and “over some farms they no longer use”, the South Korean minister remained adamant in his decision, but did agree to a compromise, which will allow Kim Jong-un to personally win several events, including figure skating, curling and ski-jumping, without actually taking part in them.

“It’s not ideal, but he did put the hand out first,” concluded the Unification Minister.