Irish Dictionary Word Of The Year Is ‘Ha Ha You Stupid Brits’


THE 2018 edition of the Irish dictionary has been unveiled today, including a broad selection of new words which have entered into the Irish vocabulary over the last 12 months, most of which focus on laughing at the British government and their current self-inflicted Brexit woes.

While the Oxford English Dictionary today announced “youthquake” as its own ‘word of the year’, the Irish dictionary has opted instead for a word that people have actually used during the year, and has elected ‘ha ha you stupid Brits’ as word of the year, which was by far the most popular phrase uttered in Ireland since the Brexit referendum in June, 2016.

Although not strictly a single word, ‘ha ha you stupid Brits’ nevertheless managed to get itself into the Irish dictionary by popular vote, with 100% of linguistic scholars agreeing that it was funny enough to be worth abandoning a few rules here and there.

“Most Irish people used this expression at least four times a day throughout the whole of 2017” said a spokesperson for the Irish Dictionary, which also added words such as standing beside a huge golden plaque bearing this years winning word.

“As such, it has become less of a phrase and more of a word unto itself. Next year, we’re sure it will morph into a single word that will carry the same sentiment of laughing at the stupid decisions that Britain continues to let their elected officials get away with. What will that word be? We’re not sure. Language will run its course”.

British people have responded in anger to the Irish Dictionary’s choice for Word Of The Year, prompting Irish people to use the runner-up phrase of the year, ‘stick it up your hole’.