Waterford Woman’s Eyes Glaze Over Once Conversation Isn’t About Her


A LOCAL WATERFORD has exhibited her one-of-a-kind flare for not giving much of a shit about what people are saying when she is not the sole focus of conversation, WWN can reveal.

Elaine Hanahan, has long been renowned for her ability to simply glaze over at the mention of non-Elaine Hanahan subject matter, and displayed this trait yet again when meeting with her friend for coffee in a bid to be given an opportunity to talk about herself uninterrupted for hours on end.

“I’m not saying she’s self-centred, because that would require the ability to know other people exist in the first place,” shared Elaine’s best friend, Jennifer, who has been forced into repeating incredibly important details of her personal life to her selfish friend countless times.

“It took her 3 weeks to notice I’d lost my leg in a car crash,” Jennifer added.

Hanahan, who has made an art form of waiting for even the slightest of a gap in conversations to jump in and redirect the focus of back to herself, remains largely unaware of her overwhelmingly obvious flaw.

“Right yeah, so what was I saying before that, oh yeah, so you’ll never guess what happened to me there last week,” Hanahan said in response to our detailed questions which laid bare the fact some of her closest friends believe she never actually listens to what they have to say.