Student Vows To Put Off Panicking About Xmas Exams Until Next Week


DESPITE staying up all night with the intention of panicking about her upcoming Christmas exams, one Waterford student just couldn’t muster the effort required and vowed to put if off until next week, WWN can reveal.

Laura Duneally, 20, had initially made various promises to herself to get panicking about her exams earlier this year in a bid not to repeat the mistakes she made in December 2016 which saw her only getting around to ‘stressing the fuck out’ when it was much, much too late. However, the Arts student has resolved to suspend such thoughts until next week.

“I always say ‘oh, I’ll definitely panic early November’ and then it’s like ‘shit, I forgot to start panicking’ so by the night before exams roll around, I just haven’t got enough time to properly do it,” Duneally explained.

Last minute panicking, similar to normal panicking, is a more intense form of regret and self-criticism which sees a student cursing the fact they had so much time to panic but let it all slip by.

However, last minute panicking is not advised as in extreme cases, it doesn’t even leave room to study in the journey to and from the exam hall.

“With the studying though I can’t give over even one minute to something else, but I’d say this time next week I’ll be doing that weird laughing at myself for being so stupid that then just turns into a crying thing,” Duneally shared, from the comfort of her bed, where she was currently not panicking, preferring instead to watch Netflix while sharing memes on Instagram.

A recent survey of Irish universities revealed that 89% of students feel they don’t do enough study before exams with 100% of respondents stating they feel they could always start their ‘only wear pyjamas, only eat cereal’ routine much earlier than they do.