France Unfairly Secure Rugby World Cup 2023 With Better, Superior Bid


A GREAT injustice was visited upon the Irish sporting community as France were unfairly awarded the right to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup, with the international governing body of rugby not even taking into account the fact that we wouldn’t like that decision at all, WWN has learned.

Unfairly weighing up the bids of France, Ireland and South Africa, and concluding that France were worthy hosts, the corrupt heads of rugby calmly assessed all bids and shockingly concluded that the best bid pitched should also be awarded the tournament.

“It’s beggar’s belief. We have a terrible transport network and have never hosted a large scale sporting event like this, we don’t have enough hotel space to meet the demand of travelling fans and yet, still, somehow if their infinite wisdom World Rugby went with the same country that just hosted Euro 2016. Gormless idiots,” confirmed one member of Ireland’s bidding team, who added now isn’t the time to ask if he personally could have done more to produce a better bid.

“Look, now’s the time for bitching and moaning about how we didn’t win, and being awfully sore losers, so we can portray ourselves in the worst possible light,” he explained, while simultaneously throwing various items out of a pram.

The awarding of the 2023 World Cup marks a dark time in the history of rugby in which superior, and all round more convincing bids are prefaced over the hurt feelings of Irish rugby supporters.

World Rugby’s failure to take into account the fact Taoiseach Leo Varadkar used the #Ireland2023 hashtag several times has been labeled scandalous by those most at fault for Ireland’s failure to produce a winning bid. The governing body’s decision to overlook the fact that South Africa’s bid was named as the outstanding bid in a 139-page evaluation report has been referred to by Ireland’s bidding team as ‘not all that important as it doesn’t fit into the narrative that we were robbed’.