Australia Vote ‘Yes’ Despite The Havoc & Destruction Marriage Equality Has Caused In Ireland


AUSTRALIANS currently celebrating their ‘yes vote’ to marriage equality which paves the way for Malcolm Turnbull’s government to put the decision before parliament and subsequently legislate accordingly, have been sent a harrowing and shocking warning from the people of Ireland.

Scenes of joyous celebrations on the streets of the non-western Sydney part of the country has been labelled ‘premature’ and ‘naive’ by an Irish public suffering immensely under the tyrannical reign of its gay population, ever since it voted to legalise marriage equality in 2016.

“I’ve been forcibly gay married against my will 8 times, I can’t believe Australia didn’t heed my warnings,” confirmed a heterosexual Irish man, who was all for gay marriage in Ireland until he learned the shadowy network of homosexuals actually made it compulsory for everyone to partake in it, including your dogs.

“There’s been a .002% increase in the amount of pink I see on a daily basis. They’ve really gay’d the place up here. And they’re very happy the gays, they feel welcome, equal and part of society. If there are any Australians reading this, just ask yourself, is this what you want?” added the man, as he sobbed uncontrollably.

Elsewhere the damage of marriage equality in Ireland is all too visible. It is now illegal to have ‘non gay bar’ bars, and the streets of Dublin are fitted with large speakers that play Lady Gaga 24/7.

“I can live with a lot things, but glittery dildos strapped to every seat on public transport is a step too far,” admitted one person, who also admitted to finding no evidence of the glittery dildos, no matter how tirelessly and hard he looked.

Not a single aspect of Irish life has been left unsullied by the vote, which now sees Judy Garland appear on €10 notes, and large public parks used for regular attempts to break the record for world’s largest open air gay orgy.

“That’s right Australia, straight people can’t even have open air orgies in parks anymore, hope you’re happy you voted for this,” confirmed an Irish public full of regret.