What To Do If Your Child Asks If Conor McGregor Is Real


THERE comes a time in every parent’s life, when their child approaches them and asks that tricky question… is Connor McGregor real? WWN overheard this conversation between a man and his seven year old son while on the train this morning, and it’s a pretty good template as to how you can maintain your child’s innocence when it comes to jolly old Saint McGregor…


Yes son?

“Is Conor McGregor… is he real?”

Why yes of course son, why ever would you ask that?

“It’s just that, some of the boys at school were saying that he’s more of a sports personality now, rather than an actual serious athlete”.

Well son, he’s the UFC champion, isn’t he? He knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds, didn’t he?

“Yeah… I suppose… but then he said he was the best, that he was untouchable, that nobody could defeat him, and he got tapped out by Diaz after getting the crap knocked out of him…”

Well, we know that was just because he didn’t have time to concentrate on his training regime because…

“And he said he was going to defeat Floyd Mayweather, he promised he was going to beat Floyd Mayweather, he guaranteed us he was going to defeat Floyd Mayweather, and he didn’t…”

You know, little boys shouldn’t question these things. Just accept that he was a plumber ten years ago, living in his mam’s house, and now he’s very, very wealthy. And if you believe in him, he’ll beat people up in a cage. I promise.


Yes son?

“You know how sometimes Conor McGregor is calm and focused, but sometimes he’s like, really really manic, screaming and yelling and jumping over cages and screaming at referees? Like, acting super crazy? Why is that?”

Oh, that’s… that’s just Conor being silly, son. No more questions now.

“And Dad…”

Son, I said no more questions now.

“It’s just that… I’m not sure I believe in Conor McGregor any more. It was fine when I was younger, when he seemed like a dream come true for this country, but lately he’s just been acting so silly. It’s almost like the UFC is becoming more focused on over-the-top characters rather than skilled fighters. It’s like it’s the WWE at times. Most of the boys at school don’t even believe in Conor anymore. Why should I?”

Look son… we have to believe in him. Otherwise, all the Conor McGregor fans on the internet will start bitching and griping and posting about how we’re west brits or some shit like that. I know it’s hard to believe in Conor McGregor these days, but if he keeps apologising for all the horrible things he says and does on a near daily basis, then there’s not much that we can do, is there?

“Ok… I suppose”

There’s a good boy. Now, don’t ask any more questions, or I won’t let you, my very young son, watch competitive cage fighting anymore.