‘Social Media Personality’ Manages To Walk Through Town Unrecognised


“YOU know, no matter how big my fanbase grows, it’s nice to know I live in a city where people still recognise and respect my need for personal space,” said Michael Kennan, better known to hundreds of people by his Snapchat name MikeyKenzWhoopWhoop.

“So on a day like today, I can still walk through Dublin without being stopped for autographs, selfies, or by girls who want to ask me out. It’s amazing”.

Kennan, 19, issued the statement via a series of snaps to his 497 Snapchat followers after managing to walk down Grafton Street and through St. Stephen’s Green without being stopped by anyone, despite the fact that they must all know him from his madcap antics online.

A self-professed social media personality and influencer, MikeyKenWhoopWhoop’s fans in the area respectfully stayed away from him as he recorded his entire journey via Snapchat, walking with his phone held out in front of him the whole way.

“People might ask me how I manage to stay so level headed after becoming a social media personality,” said Kennan, who also does hilarious sketches where he films himself in his car and pretends to be talking to someone else.

“I say it’s all down to the fans staying out of sight, letting me be me. Sometimes, I imagine fans saying to me, ‘hey, aren’t you that guy off the internet?’ And I’ll just say, ‘ok, Jesus, yeah, that’s me, but really I’m like, look you guys, I can’t do what I do if you’re all crowding me all the time’. I love my fans, but I need my space to be me”.

Kennan was stopped by one person later in the day, who told him to ‘put down that phone and watch where you’re fucking going’.