Just 1 In 5 Ungrateful Trainee Doctors Want To Work 99 Hour Shifts In Ireland


DOWNRIGHT unpatriotic trainee doctors surveyed by the RSCI sensationally confirmed a life being worked to the bone and driven to the edge of insanity on a daily basis by the HSE for 40 years doesn’t really appeal to them, WWN regretfully reports.

The unfathomably selfish desire to carve out a career in a country with a health system that doesn’t chew them up and spit them out has been labeled as ‘disrespectful and ungrateful’ by the government.

“There’s people out there who would kill to be handed a 99 hour shift with no breaks and in fairness they often do kill someone after completing them through medical error, but you don’t hear the patients complaining about it so I don’t see why we have to listen to the doctors moan about it,” confirmed a spokesperson for the government.

“We’ve been accused of undervaluing doctors, but explain to me then why we’re desperate to have them working around the clock almost 24/7, surely that’s a sign we love them,” added the spokesperson.

Trainee doctors have cited a lack of access to consultants and a lack of structured training in  understaffed hospitals as just some of the reasons they will move abroad once they are qualified.

Elsewhere, a junior doctor coming to the end of a shift is almost certain there’s nothing to worry about on the X-ray they just fell asleep standing up looking at.