Union Set Up To Prevent World Wars Allows Moron To Try & Start A New One


THE UNITED Nations, an intergovernmental organisation tasked to promote international order, has come under fire today after allowing American president Donald Trump to casually threaten 25 million North Koreans with annihilation.

In his maiden speech at the UN headquarters in New York, Mr Trump vowed to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea over the country’s ongoing nuclear missile program, reiterating the fact that only superpowers like the US are allowed carry out such tests.

“In fairness, Mr. Trump’s speech went as well as expected,” a United Nation’s press spokesman explained, “we actually had to rewrite most of it as it veered off on tangents about not liking Burger King fries and that if McDonalds joined forces with them, they’d make ‘the best fast food on the planet, period’ and that he wanted the movie Team America: World Police reclassified as a documentary, so forgive us if we overlooked the whole obliteration of North Korea part”.

“To be honest, I miss a time when US presidents just ignored the UN when they wanted to invade other countries,” he added, “our reputation has taken a bit of a hit after this”.

The crazed United States President, who is still reportedly delivering his speech at the now empty UN headquarters, has already gained the US 30 new enemies, and is expected to instigate a full scale World War by the time he leaves office, or gets assassinated by the CIA for the greater good of America.