Man Assures Friend That TV Show ‘Gets Good’ After Third Season


ALTHOUGH local man Ian Hanlon has not enjoyed the first three episodes of the long-running drama series ‘Drfter’s Peak’, currently streaming on Netflix, his close friend James Lennon has urged him to stick with the Emmy-award winning series because it ‘really gets going in season 3’.

Hanlon, 33, usually manages to watch one, maybe two episodes of telly every night, to help him unwind after a long day at work. Although Drifter’s Peak has received rave reviews from many sources, with the slow-paced nature and dislikable characters regularly give Hanlon what he describes as ‘a pain in the bone of his face’.

This is in stark contrast to Lennon’s opinion of Drifter’s Peak, which he describes as ‘amazing once you get to the end of season 3’.

With each season consisting of 23 hour-long episodes, Hanlon has admitted to WWN that he doesn’t really feel like spending almost two straight days watching a show he hates under the promise that it ‘gets better’.

“I’ll give anything a few episodes to warm up, but you can fuck right off if I’m watching garbage every night for a month, waiting for it to stop being shite,” said Hanlon, grimacing as the opening title of Drifter’s Peak began.

“I don’t care if it’s your favourite show, you can take all that ‘it gets good after a few seasons’ craic and fuck off. You’re actually admitting that the show is bad. It doesn’t ‘get good’… it’s ‘currently bad’, and just gets better than bad”.

Hanlon has decided to spend his evening watching something he likes more, such as people falling over on YouTube, or porn.