How Rude! This Myanmar Genocide Article Lodged Itself Between Funny Videos On Your News Feed


WITHOUT so much as a polite ‘hello’, an article sifting through the horrors visited upon the Rohingya people in Myanmar has wedged itself in between videos of cats falling over and short clips of people reacting in hilarious ways to everyday situations.

“I’m still trying to come to terms with how an article like that got into my newsfeed,” explained one troubled Facebook user, who still comprehend the true horror of having their endless stream of short form hilarious videos interrupted by something happening in the world.

The article, which talked about the ongoing genocide and how the tactics of the Myanmar authorities included the indiscriminate murdering of children and the setting on fire of villages, is believed to have lodged itself in newsfeeds with no regard for how it might disrupt the scrolling habits of social media users.

“It’s horrible and senseless that we live in a world in which the Facebook algorithm isn’t already aware of the fact I hate these kinds of articles,” shared another user, still trying to contend with what transpired, “we have to act now before something like this pops up on my newsfeed again”.

It is believed the damage caused by the frankly rude article is said to have been minimal. And despite its best efforts to engage and inform the public, people continued scrolling on through their feed, desperate for more upbeat entertainment rather than some boring genocide going on somewhere far, far away.

“We’re the lucky ones, but what if it happens again? How will we all cope?” was the thought provoking message from another Facebook user, who hasn’t even had a chance to look at any decent memes today.