Guardian Reader Was Talking About Rohingya Before It Was Cool


INTERNATIONAL media have reported that as many as 87,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar for neighbouring Bangladesh as they risk violence and persecution if they remain in the country, prompting one Guardian reader to grow frustrated at the fact he had mentioned such atrocities as many as 18 months ago.

“Yeah, I mean Malala is banging on about it now and everybody fucking loves her, but where was she when I liked a tweet by some journalist 18 months ago,” Dylan Forrester explained to WWN, clearly frustrated that someone was receiving the praise he so richly deserved for highlighting the plight of the Muslim minority in Myanmar.

The Rakhine state has been the scene of gang rapes and mass murder as the Myanmar army carry out was many have described as ethnic cleansing, with the growing awareness of the Rohingya’s plight further emboldening Forrester’s position of self-satisfied know-it-all.

“What people are forgetting in all this rush to stop a genocide is that it’s actually more important to make people aware that I was talking about this first,” Forrester added before rolling his eyes at the sight of his social media feeds, “look, see, Angela from college is all of sudden some big Burma expert, it’s Myanmar you Western White Privileged twat”.

“The innocent victims in this are always pushed to the side and rarely remembered, I was talking about this for months before anyone else, fucking months,” Forrester said, continuing his rant and leaving his ethically sourced Ethiopian coffee to go cold.