Trump Orders Navy Fleet To Spell Out ‘Donald’s The Best’ With Warships


THE US naval fleet in the Pacific Ocean has been put on high alert after reports from Washington suggested that President Donald Trump may be planning to send more ships to the area and arrange them so that they spell out a message that can be seen from space.

Trump is currently deciding between ‘Donald’s the best’ and ‘Trump is number one’, and has begun negotiations with his military advisors to see which one would be possible with the warships available in the area at the moment.

The plan was put in place after a collision between the USS John S. McCain and an oil tanker off the coast of Singapore which has left ten US sailors missing, as well as reports that this was the fourth such collision involving US warships this year alone.

Upon hearing the report, Trump is said to have exclaimed ‘oh, I forgot we had a navy’, before immediately laying out dozens of pens on the carpet of the Oval Office to demonstrate his plans to write a giant ship sign visible from space.

“He says it would take around 60 warships to spell ‘Donald’s the best’, and that this would be a tremendously strong message to North Korea and the rest of the world,” said one White House staff member, “he’s talking about deploying more ships to the area to begin the arrangement before the end of the week.

“Of course, the sudden appearance of more US ships in the water is going to spook the Koreans and the Chinese, but Mr. President think’s that the huge sign will ‘be great for ratings’, so that’s what we’re going to do”.

The arrangement of the warships will be one of the biggest displays of naval might the world has ever seen, and should prove to be an incredible distraction from anything else that is happening in the USA at the minute.