Temperatures To Reach 21C This Weekend, But A Meteor Will Destroy The Earth On Sunday


THERE’S some great news for sun-seekers this weekend as temperatures are set to reach a balmy 21C in most parts of the country, however its not all plain sailing as a 50 mile wide meteor is set to plough into the North Atlantic on Sunday evening killing every living thing on the planet.

Met Eireann has revealed that today and tomorrow will remain dry, but will veer between clouds and sunny spells in some parts of the country, before coming to an inevitable apocalyptic end at 18:37 on Sunday.

Meteorologist Cathal Ferguson said: “I would suggest checking the forecast first before breaking out the barbeque as rain, winds and fog are also promised in some of the higher regions.

“Expect moderate westerly winds with good drying conditions, before turning quite cold on Sunday afternoon as everyone prepares to die.”

“Sunday night there will be scattered showers of debris and body parts cascading from the sky.

“500 meter tidal waves will follow, wiping out most of the remaining living organisms on the planet by Monday.”

“The outlook for the next 300 years is bleak, with a low lying cloud of dust blocking out the sun with floods of magma likely. Top temperatures of 1,500 to 3,000C from next week.”