This Restaurant Owner’s Brilliant Response To A Negative TripAdvisor Review


THIS Dublin restaurant owner totally owned a customer after they left a scathing review on the review-sharing website TripAdvisor last Monday after complaining that his ‘eggs benedict was undercooked and that the restaurant itself was a little bit noisy’.

Marcus Little, who has been running his city centre café Brunch since 2004, wasn’t impressed when the local businessman posted the negative review slating the food and service, before then marking the entire experience one star out of five.

Instead of complaining to staff or management, the middle aged man decided instead to take to TripAdvisor, sending Mr. Little into a full-blown rage.

“He was just leaving the premises when a notification popped up on my phone, which is a pet hate of mine,” the 37-year-old told WWN.

“I was absolutely horrified to see the one star review so I said to myself, I would teach this guy a lesson that he will never forget.”

Armed with only an old air pistol and a length of rope, Mr Little and a member of staff followed the asshole customer for 10 minutes to a local Q-Park, where he then pulled out the gun and pointed it at the unsuspecting businessman.

“My waiter took some pictures as I forced him on his knees and tied him up,” said the absolute legend, “he began crying for his family and even begged me not to kill him; promising me the sun moon and stars. His face was priceless”.

Following several minutes of taunting, the restaurateur then forced the fussy eater into the boot of his own car, quizzing him about the TripAdvisor review.

“Needless to say he changed his tune right quick and eventually admitted that he actually loved the meal we served him, and said the food in Brunch was the best he has ever eaten,” Little added proudly, “but just to make sure, I forced him to write everything he just said down on a piece of paper and sign it, before then closing the boot on him and walking away”.

Absolutely brilliant response. We here in WWN don’t think he’ll be writing horrible reviews like that anytime soon.

That should teach him. Class.