“He Went For Pints With Other Lads”: How To Tell If Your Bromance Is Over


THERE comes a time in every bromance where difficult realisations may force you to accept that the spark between you and your bro isn’t what it used to be and you don’t see each other as much as you’d like. You have to face facts: your bro is going for pints with other lads.

There are some telltale signs along the way to keep an eye out for to lessen the inevitable heartbreak when it arrives:

1) He keeps talking about some lad from work

You meet up with your mate in the pub to watch the football, except he doesn’t just chat about the match, he keeps rabbiting on about this lad from the place he works. ‘Oh, Sean said this, ” and, “Sean was telling me about this great garage that’ll service your car for 150 euro,”and, “this lad I work with, Sean, he tells me that”.

Yeah, okay pal, if you love Sean so fucking much, why don’t you go watch Arsenal vs Stoke with him then!

2) He has bruises from indoor soccer that he didn’t get when you played with him

“This? Oh, I got it playing indoor soccer”… hmm, that’s funny. We played indoor soccer on Wednesday and you were in the net the whole time. You never even saw the ball. Is there another indoor soccer game somewhere? One I don’t know about?! One you play with your new fancy bro?!

3) He’s always giggling at texts he gets but won’t show them to you

Look man, I can’t live like this anymore. If you have another bro on the go, you go to him! Just quit making an idiot out of me and do me that one decency at least.

4) He’s always online on GTAV but never requests a game with you

Fucking cunt.