Prick Taking Up Airplane Window Seat Not Even Looking Out Of Window


A PASSENGER travelling on the 3 o’clock flight from Dublin to Alicante today has been branded a bit of a prick after he spent the whole flight staring forward, despite paying €15 extra for a window seat to the airline.

The man, believed to be in his late forties, boarded the plane at around 2:34pm before calmly strolling down the aisle to search for his seat.

“I was already sitting down in the row when he said ‘that’s me in there’, forcing me to actually stand up and let him in,” explained one eyewitness who was misfortunate enough to be allocated a middle seat by Ryanair’s seating algorithm, “I knew he was one of those priority seat lads by the flashy suit, so I made sure to roll my eyes at the other passengers to let them know the story”.

Upon takeoff, sources inside the aircraft confirmed the window seat taker did not even look out even once, instead opting to read the safety instructions on the back of the seat in front.

“What kind of sick bastard doesn’t look out of the side window when the plane is taking off?” voiced another passenger in the opposite row, “the people beside him in the seat couldn’t even look out either because his big stupid head was in the way. He wouldn’t even put his head back a bit, the inconsiderate fuck”.

Not only that, the man proceeded to pull down the window visor halfway through the flight in what was described as a “stunning display of spitefulness”.

“Cunts like that need their own kind of windowless planes,” added a man sitting behind, “he didn’t even clap when we landed, so that should tell you the kind of person he is”.

This latest incident has renewed calls for Ryanair to rethink their seating policy in favour of people who actually use the window seats to look out the window, instead of prioritising spoilsport know-it-alls who think they’re too good to look down at the clouds.