Local Newsagent Builds Extension For Massive Protein Bar Wing


IN a bid to keep up with a newly emerging trend, one Waterford newsagents has applied for planning permission to extend their premises in a bid to accommodate a massive selection of ‘Protein Bars’.

Duffy’s Newsagents on the outskirts of Waterford city has traded for years, selling newspapers, magazines, groceries and confectionery.

However, due to the recent upsurge in the sale of 5 euro chocolate bars loaded with protein, the proprietors of this small news outlet were left with no choice but to bring in over 10,000 different varieties of protein-based snacks, necessitating the extensive renovations.

Protein bars have become hugely popular in Ireland over a short period of time, and are certainly not just a fad aimed at people who think they can substitute a chocolate bar with a much-higher-in-calories protein bar and still believe that they’re ‘on a diet’.

Rather than sell these bars in sports shops and similar outlets, newsagents and petrol stations across the country have become the sole stockists of the product.

“It’s either move with the times or go under,” said Kieran Duffy, knocking out a wall ahead of the arrival of the protein bar stand, “research has shown that hardcore athletes and people in intensive training buy their protein supplements when they’re in a newsagents buying a pint of milk and a Quick Pick. I can’t be the only newsagents in town without 300 different protein bars, I’ll go under in a month”.

Duffy seemed unperturbed about the €1.5mn cost of renovating his shop to install the ‘protein wing’, adding that “at a fiver a piece for a protein bar, I’ll make my money back in a week”.